My review for Sparks of Light (Into the Dim #2) by Janet B. Taylor.


Thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review, This doesn’t in any way influence my opinion on it.

21106305Sparks of Light is a thrilling sequel to Into The Dim. Just as intense, active, romantic, suspenseful and magical as it’s predecessor. From the synopsis, I knew I am in for a wild marvelous ride. A lot of interesting developments took place, some I saw coming and some I couldn’t but still loved. The writing was superb and easy to flow with. Sparks of Light is definitely what I could have hoped for after Into The Dim. It begins with a bang or as Hope said “Decapitation” (Yeah you definitely want to read that). It’s been two months since the previous book and a lot has happened, Hope becoming a little bit more badass with training, Mac adopting a cat (or as I like to call her hellcat), Hope remembering more and more things from her childhood, Dealing with the PTSD Sarah has after her ordeal in the past. I love the pace Sparks of Light has, it made reading it easier to follow. A lot of aspects about the book made a lot of sense and the combination of so many things was awesome. The dual timeline is also another part of this book that made it more lush and rich. The characters have had a lot going on for them and I loved the way it reflected in their character development. From the beginning it started with action and epic interactions among the group. I must say, One thing that makes this series work so well is the characters. They just have this amazing chemistry that makes every scene very enjoyable especially Bran and Hope, their feelings for each other are so sizzling hot and intense I could have sworn I felt the heat. Hope is really quite more mature and grounded in this book (Not that I didn’t absolutely adore her in Into The Dim) and that development is the character was a huge plus. During a Scottish festival, Bran surprises everyone with a surprise visit along with new information about his psychotic mother. This leads the group to travel back in time to 1895 to try spoiling Celia’s machinations, I really love the time traveling aspects of this series. It just so good, Janet B. Taylor definitely knows her stuff. The 1890’s is not fun at all, seriously. Despite the beautiful splendor of ‘society’, It’s full of racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes. But it does have some good parts, It was entertaining seeing the reaction of the characters to the atmosphere of things. Fun stuff happened during their stint to the past, an ambush , banishment to an insane asylum (You get to meet some really intriguing people) and many more interesting events. Sparks of Light is definitely a great follow up to Into The Dim, I am glad I got to read this. Hope and Bran’s story is one captivating tale every reader needs to know. After that explosive ending, I certainly can’t wait for the next book in this series. Janet B. Taylor has weaved a majestic masterpiece full of action, fun, romance, time travel, suspense and splendid characters.

P.S: BEWARE!! You’re not going to be able to put this book down, It is unputdownable. That’s just how good it is.