My review of The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber

Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review, This doesn’t in any way influence my thoughts and opinion on it.


The Evaporation of Sofi Snow has been on my wish list every since it was announced, Mary Weber is one of my very favorite authors. I have always loved her books and that trend continued with this book. It was everything I hoped for and more. The book is a marvelous SciFi treat, It has just about everything that I love in a SciFi novel. I don’t read much SciFi, I’m more of a fantasy gal but this book is one that is not to be missed at all. With such a captivating storyline and interesting cast of diverse characters, it was bound to be phenomenal.

Sofi is an awesome badass character who literally defines the word amazing. From the first moment, I knew I’d love her. She’s intelligent, loyal, funny, witty, strong and crazy if need be. I fell in love with her the moment she knocked out a guard with an IV drip till the end of the book. Her loyalty to her brother is inspiring and the author superbly portrayed that aspect. Miguel is a complicated and unique character who piqued my interest from the beginning. There are many sides he has and that’s part of the things that make him entertaining. 
The Evaporation of Sofi Snow has a huge world that though it takes a little time to get used to the huge scope, is quite astounding. It shows that careful planning and great writing was what made the worldbuilding so lush and vivid. It sometimes felt like watching a really cool movie. 
The book began with a bang or rather a virtual battle where Sofi’s junior brother Shilo is a participant. Sofi and her team are the brains behind the whole operation. Everything was going well before an attack left the whole event and arena in ruins. This left everything in chaos and lead to Shilo being captured by Delonese medics(The Delonese are aliens who orbited near Earth looking for other life forms on other planets and supposedly want to coexist and help Earth). Due to a conspiracy coming from the top echelons, Sofi had to go on a boyhunt to find her brother and save him from harm. BTW, Earth is now being ruled by 30 Corporations not politicians. It’s a dystopian system formed out of necessity and survival. While it’s a little bit hard to recognize which is which at times, it gives room to some great storytelling. 
Miguel is the other main character and he is one of the ambassadors to the Delonese. He is also an ex of Sofi who broke her heart regrettably. At the beginning of the book, He is blackmailed by an anonymous entity to manipulate the perception of the attackers of the arena. Learning about him was fascinating because there are so many layers to him that I really loved, He is complicated in a way that makes you want to crack his shell and see what’s underneath that facade. His subsequent actions was an absolute delight to read about especially him helping Sofi despite their past dalliance and their interactions together after. 
The relationship between the both of them is intense, raw, passionate and HOT. I could feel the tense chemistry oozing between the both of them. Their feelings for each other definitely made me love the book more because while it’s a total SciFi novel, it’s still a romance novel at heart. Speaking of SciFi, This book is literally a treat for lovers of the genre. There are so many futuristic amazing tech, terminology and theories that they’re gonna have a field day with. The adventures of Sofi and Miguel unravelling the secrets and lies surrounding their lives and trying to survive with their different (or not so different) agendas in mind is one every reader absolutely has to partake in.
With a terrific ending that will make you crave the next book, amazing diverse cast of characters that are just too fascinating, well crafted plot, superb writing, beautiful cover and SciFi awesomeness, The Evaporation of Sofi Snow is a must read that will leave you amazed and pleased.
I wait with bated breath for the next chapter in this phenomena tale. Mary Weber has once again cemented her foothold as an extremely talented author in the industry. 

P.S: Be prepared for drama, twists and turns you won’t see coming, mystery, betrayal, romance and SciFi goodness.
P.P.S: Don’t worry, The SciFi stuff is written in a way that’s totally understandable and not mind wrecking.



My review for Sparks of Light (Into the Dim #2) by Janet B. Taylor.


Thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review, This doesn’t in any way influence my opinion on it.

21106305Sparks of Light is a thrilling sequel to Into The Dim. Just as intense, active, romantic, suspenseful and magical as it’s predecessor. From the synopsis, I knew I am in for a wild marvelous ride. A lot of interesting developments took place, some I saw coming and some I couldn’t but still loved. The writing was superb and easy to flow with. Sparks of Light is definitely what I could have hoped for after Into The Dim. It begins with a bang or as Hope said “Decapitation” (Yeah you definitely want to read that). It’s been two months since the previous book and a lot has happened, Hope becoming a little bit more badass with training, Mac adopting a cat (or as I like to call her hellcat), Hope remembering more and more things from her childhood, Dealing with the PTSD Sarah has after her ordeal in the past. I love the pace Sparks of Light has, it made reading it easier to follow. A lot of aspects about the book made a lot of sense and the combination of so many things was awesome. The dual timeline is also another part of this book that made it more lush and rich. The characters have had a lot going on for them and I loved the way it reflected in their character development. From the beginning it started with action and epic interactions among the group. I must say, One thing that makes this series work so well is the characters. They just have this amazing chemistry that makes every scene very enjoyable especially Bran and Hope, their feelings for each other are so sizzling hot and intense I could have sworn I felt the heat. Hope is really quite more mature and grounded in this book (Not that I didn’t absolutely adore her in Into The Dim) and that development is the character was a huge plus. During a Scottish festival, Bran surprises everyone with a surprise visit along with new information about his psychotic mother. This leads the group to travel back in time to 1895 to try spoiling Celia’s machinations, I really love the time traveling aspects of this series. It just so good, Janet B. Taylor definitely knows her stuff. The 1890’s is not fun at all, seriously. Despite the beautiful splendor of ‘society’, It’s full of racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes. But it does have some good parts, It was entertaining seeing the reaction of the characters to the atmosphere of things. Fun stuff happened during their stint to the past, an ambush , banishment to an insane asylum (You get to meet some really intriguing people) and many more interesting events. Sparks of Light is definitely a great follow up to Into The Dim, I am glad I got to read this. Hope and Bran’s story is one captivating tale every reader needs to know. After that explosive ending, I certainly can’t wait for the next book in this series. Janet B. Taylor has weaved a majestic masterpiece full of action, fun, romance, time travel, suspense and splendid characters.

P.S: BEWARE!! You’re not going to be able to put this book down, It is unputdownable. That’s just how good it is.